Get Asian Cuisine at the Katsu Japanese Restaurant

katsu japanese in chicago

Being in a big metropolitan area makes it easy to find Japanese food in Chicago. Not all Japanese restaurants are created equal, and some will give you a much better experience than others. For a truly authentic dining experience, Katsu Japanese Restaurant is the place for you! Located on West Peterson Avenue and run by chef and owner Katsu Imamura, … [Read more...]

Decorating Ideas to Make Your Living Room More Interesting

Apartment decorating tips

Apartment living offers many excellent opportunities to show off your decorating style. Here are some unique and fun ways to make your space work better for you. Get into the habit of keeping your bed made, since tiny messes can look much larger in a smaller living space. Try nesting tables because you will always have extras on hand … [Read more...]

Get a Barbeque Meal at the Sun Wah BBQ

Sun Wah BBQ chicago

Diners rave about delicious dishes, especially the Beijing Duck Feast, at Sun Wah BBQ, one of the great Chicago restaurants worth trying. The family-owned establishment has been around for more than two decades, and with positive write-ups in The New York Times and Time Out Chicago, it's clear this place knows what it's doing as far as Hong Kong-style … [Read more...]

What to Do If You Develop Allergies to Your Pet

pet allergy tips

Living in your pet-friendly apartment in Chicago with your fluffy friend is perfect, but sometimes a person can suddenly develop allergies to dogs or cats. If this happens to you, try these pet care tips before thinking about looking for a new home for your pet. Cleaning Routine – Vacuum more frequently and consider investing in a vacuum with a … [Read more...]

Chicago’s Best Parks to Celebrate National Park Month

dvorak park chicago

It's National Park Month, and Chicago is a great city to celebrate in. The windy city is home to many parks, but here are three that we highly recommend visiting: Avalon Park is a cute little park tucked away as 1215 E. 83rd Street. Open from 6 am until 11 pm, the park offers 27 acres of fun, including a swimming pool, picnic groves, volleyball … [Read more...]

Three Easy Ways to Upgrade Your Apartment Without Breaking a Lease

easy apartment upgrades

While our downtown Chicago apartments are beautiful, you'd probably like to add your individual touch to make the apartment truly yours. Here are three easy ways to upgrade your apartment without breaking the lease. Get new window shades: The windows in your apartment are quite big, so this is a great place to add a personal statement.  Buy some … [Read more...]

Easy Gift Ideas That You Can Make Yourself

DIY gift ideas

Whether you need gifts for a special occasion or for guests who will be attending a party at your West 77 apartment, making the presents yourself will save you a lot of money. Creating your own unique gifts will also make them extra special. Here are three DIY gift ideas perfect for any occasion. Make message plaques from old keyboard buttons. Remove … [Read more...]

How to Add a Bit of Whimsy to Your Apartment Design

apartment decorating tips

Here at West77 Apartments, we know that our residents are always looking for ways to make their apartment feel like home and reflect their individuality. With that in mind, here are some apartment design tips which may help you inject a little whimsy into your life: Don't fear color. Bright, fun colors will make a room pop - but remember, the … [Read more...]

Cheer Your Team On at the Fifty/50 Restaurant and Bar

fifty/50 in chicago

We are passionate Bulls, Blackhawks, and Cubs supporters at our Chicago apartments. Visiting one of the many sports bars in Chicago allows you to support your favorite team with your friends away from your apartment luxury. The Fifty/50 features two full bars and a menu based on secret recipes and sauces. They have 19 flat screen TVs on which you can … [Read more...]

Get a Great Breakfast at the Blue Door Farm Stand

blue door farm stand in chicago

If you like to start your day with a good breakfast and do not want to dirty your modern kitchen in your luxury Chicago apartment community, then you also know there are many breakfast spots in Chicago. Next time, visit the Blue Door Farm Stand. The Blue Door Farm Stand offers you delicious breakfast on Armitage. It's easily recognizable as the blue … [Read more...]