See Movies in The Park in Chicago All Month Long

Experience some incredible cinema at the 15th annual Movies in the Park.  Source: Movies in the Park

When you are looking for apartments in Chicago, consider things that are happening that are simply fun and slightly escapist in nature.  One of these would be the 15th annual Movies in the Park happening every night from June 4th through September 3rd! These will be shown, in various parks and community centers, around the greater Chicago area, in … [Read more...]

The Chicago Public Library Boasts Books and More

The Chicago Public Library is full of fun activities stretching throughout  this summer season.  Source: Chicago Public Library via Facebook

The Chicago Public Library offers more than just a good book to read. A visit to the library can allow you to discover so many things. Whether you are looking for a book, to learn something new, or enjoy a program, you can enjoy great things at the library. Here are a few you could be missing out on. You can enjoy a program or workshop. You can learn … [Read more...]

Top Veterinarians and Animal Clinics in Chicago

The VCA Lake Shore Animal Hospital and Gold Coast Animal Hospital are a couple of the top veterinary clinics and animal hospitals in Chicago.  Source: VCA Animal Hospitals via Facebook

There are many advantages of living in a pet-friendly apartment, like the homes available at our West77 luxury apartments located in the heart of downtown Chicago: spacious floorplans, great nearby places to take your pooch for a walk such as Washington Square Park, and countless nearby pet stores to pick up amenities for your feline and canine family … [Read more...]

Relax and Unwind at the Allyu Spa

Allyu Spa is a terrific relaxation resource.  Source: Allyu Spa via Facebook

Your work week is often filled with long days and stressful business-related encounters. Don't let stress eat away at your well-being! Schedule an appointment with the staff of Allyu Spa who specialize in taking your comfort to the next level. Located just moments away from our west77 apartment community in Chicago, you'll find that the following … [Read more...]

Chill Out with a Treat from Black Dog Gelato

Black Dog Gelato boasts some of the tastiest and most radical gelato flavors found around Chicago.  Source: Black Dog Gelato via Facebook

If you've ever wondered what the differences between gelato and ice cream are, you're not alone. Seek the answers by visiting Black Dog Gelato, located just moments away from our luxury apartments for the modern sophisticate. Although the term 'gelato' is the major factor separating it from ice cream, the deliciousness of this cool confection is just as … [Read more...]

Treat Your Pooch with a Trip to High Hopes

High Hopes boasts a delicious selection of 100% natural dog cupcakes made in house and healthy dog treats created with high quality organic meat. Source: High Hopes For Pets Dog Treats via Facebook

Sometimes we all need a "cheat day." A day where you can indulge in delicious foods and not feel bad about it. Your dog will appreciate the same days of luxury, and High Hopes is here to give your furry friend exactly what the doctor ordered. This shop offers a wide variety of treats that are made from real and organic meats so you don't have to worry … [Read more...]

Go Green With This All-Purpose Cleaner

Here is a recipe for a great "green" all-purpose cleaner that will help you clean and maintain your Chicago apartment.  Source: PopSugar

When the time comes to clean your West77 Apartment, you do not want to use cleaners that are full of harmful chemicals. Why not go green with a natural all-purpose cleaner? The following cleaning tips will help you make a cleaner that is healthy for your apartment and the environment. Ingredients: 1/2 Cup Vinegar 1 Tablespoon Hydrogen Peroxide 1 … [Read more...]

Get Wild with the Warmer Weather at Lincoln Park Zoo

There's something for everyone to appreciate and enjoy at the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Source: Facebook

A trip to the zoo is always a memorable occasion filled with both enjoyment and education, so our proximity to Lincoln Park Zoo is something we are very lucky to enjoy here at West 77. Lincoln Park Zoo was founded in 1868, which means it is one of the oldest zoos in North America, and it also provides free admission, which is a great boon to ensuring … [Read more...]

Try These Routines in Our Fitness Center

Here are some exercise tips to help you hit your 2015 fitness goals here at your Chicago apartments.  Source: FreeDigitalPhotos

Are you working hard to get and to stay fit? These exercise tips will help you see how far you've come, and keep you moving forward. 1. Go back to the basics There is no substitute for the basic exercises no matter your fitness level. Lunges, push-ups and squats, for example, will help you to get the mechanics right and prepare you for more difficult … [Read more...]

Explore Your City With a Food Planet Food Tour

There are plenty of different food tours that offer that chance to experience each of the many culinary marvels that Chicago has to offer you.     Source: Facebook

Chicago is a culinary destination for foodies from across the country. And many visitors and locals take advantage of excellent Chicago food tours to learn more about the cuisine. Gold Coast & Old Town This food tour includes a cultural walking tour accompanied by a food tasting. Visit a range of restaurants from Lou Malnati's deep dish, to the … [Read more...]