Easy Gift Ideas That You Can Make Yourself

DIY gift ideas

Whether you need gifts for a special occasion or for guests who will be attending a party at your West 77 apartment, making the presents yourself will save you a lot of money. Creating your own unique gifts will also make them extra special. Here are three DIY gift ideas perfect for any occasion. Make message plaques from old keyboard buttons. Remove … [Read more...]

How to Add a Bit of Whimsy to Your Apartment Design

apartment decorating tips

Here at West77 Apartments, we know that our residents are always looking for ways to make their apartment feel like home and reflect their individuality. With that in mind, here are some apartment design tips which may help you inject a little whimsy into your life: Don't fear color. Bright, fun colors will make a room pop - but remember, the … [Read more...]

Cheer Your Team On at the Fifty/50 Restaurant and Bar

fifty/50 in chicago

We are passionate Bulls, Blackhawks, and Cubs supporters at our Chicago apartments. Visiting one of the many sports bars in Chicago allows you to support your favorite team with your friends away from your apartment luxury. The Fifty/50 features two full bars and a menu based on secret recipes and sauces. They have 19 flat screen TVs on which you can … [Read more...]

Get a Great Breakfast at the Blue Door Farm Stand

blue door farm stand in chicago

If you like to start your day with a good breakfast and do not want to dirty your modern kitchen in your luxury Chicago apartment community, then you also know there are many breakfast spots in Chicago. Next time, visit the Blue Door Farm Stand. The Blue Door Farm Stand offers you delicious breakfast on Armitage. It's easily recognizable as the blue … [Read more...]

Get a Delicious Award-Winning Meal at Pequod’s Pizza

pequods pizza in chicago

There’s nothing quite like living in downtown Chicago: it’s truly a world-class city with upscale shopping, boutiques, great Chicago restaurants, sports and entertainment options. Living at West 77 in the charming River North area puts you right in the middle of all the action. West 77 offers an upscale address and luxury living. Our beautiful … [Read more...]

Chicago’s Most Popular Restaurants: the Publican

The Publican in Chicago

It's always fun to try new restaurants, and we know of one that you can't miss: The Publican. The Publican is one of Chicago's most popular restaurants for a reason. An American gastropub, The Publican serves delicious, creative dishes with some of the best craft beers in the land. The Publican is located in The Loop at 837 W. Fulton Market. It's … [Read more...]

Going On Vacation This Summer? Three Things to Do First

Safety Tips before vacations

It is summer season at our luxury Chicago apartments and our sparkling indoor pool leading to a 25th floor rooftop sun deck is one of many community amenities you enjoy. If you're planning on going on vacation though, there are safety tips you should follow to keep your home protected in your absence. Ensure you make these tips part of your summer vacation … [Read more...]

Decor Ideas: Chinese and Japanese Characters

apartment decorating tips

Using the characters of Asian writing to decorate your apartment will add an exotic feel that can help melt stress away, and make you feel like you’re on vacation while relaxing in your living room. There are a myriad of ways to incorporate Japanese and Chinese lettering into your apartment design. Here are three ideas: Feature paintings on your … [Read more...]

Tips for Caring for Your Artwork

taking care of your artwork

Proudly displaying artwork on the walls of your apartment as decor is an effective way to add some personality to your space. Whether you are into locally made paintings, photography from around the world, or replicas of famous artwork, it’s important to properly care for each piece to ensure its longevity throughout the years. Here are three tips to … [Read more...]

Three Games to Play With Your Dog When You’re Tired of Fetch

indoor games for dogs

Fetch is a fun way to spend time with your dog, but the sport can get pretty boring after awhile. And it the weather isn’t nice enough to enjoy the outdoors of our pet-friendly apartments in Chicago, fetch isn’t a viable option indoors. Here are three fun games to try with your pooch that serve as great fetch alternatives: Hide Some Treats- A … [Read more...]